Partnering with the women in our community

Allowing Christ to Shine, ACTS, women's ministry


In early 2017, we began hosting a women’s ministry to bring community and transformation to women in our area. We started with a vision to provide bibles, a meal, and opportunities for women to build relationships with each other and with the Lord. The women in our ministry experience spiritual life in a new way, learning how to live and speak with people around them, and learn skills, like making sandals, to become self-sufficient and provide for their families.





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Here's how you can pray over the ministry this week:

- That the Lord would prepare each women's heart to make a way for them to be able to say "yes" to join us.

- Confidence and eagerness for the women to share about the ministry, continue coming, and invite friends to come too.

- Willing, eager, and loving hearts.

"I'm a member of ACTS women ministry. I'm happy ACTS women ministry makes some changes in my life. It increases my spiritual life. It teaches me how to live with people around me, how to speak. I was shy before. I also learn how to make sandals with women."

Shared by Clairmie, translated by John Smith, A.C.T.S' Haitian Director