Our Partnership with Feed My Starving Children

Through our partnership with FMSC and donations, we ship, store, and distribute thousands of meals each year to communities in need. We pair Feed My Starving Children Mannapacks with beans and oil to equip our communities with the nourishment necessary. Many families and individuals in Haiti remain living in ‘tent cities’ or homes made of random materials to provide shelter and lack the resources and opportunities to feed and care for their families. In some areas, the extensiveness of hunger and lack of food may lead to children eating small rocks, charcoal, dirt, and even goat deves. Even if they do have food, children may not be eating a nourishing diet.

In our distributions, we also provide communities with clothing, shoes, and other items through partnerships with churches and villages, who are often off the beaten path, overlooked, and left out.

Before leaving the site, we spend time playing with the children, distributing toys and games, and sharing out love.

Our food distribution program also extends to the students in our schools as they receive a free meal each school day. A.C.T.S.’s partnership with schools allows their organizations to spend their resources on better teachers. A.C.T.S continues to help schools in Haiti to educate the poor, neglected children to become the future leaders of their country.

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Nourishing our community with FMSC

Over 1.2 million meals have been donated and distributed through Allowing Christ to shine. 

$10,000 allows us to send 400,000 more meals to our friends in Haiti.

Our Orphanage

Our orphanage provides love and care for the most vulnerable children in Haiti. We currently have three girls in our orphanage: MyLove, Brenda, and Farah. Each child will have an opportunity to receive the following through our sponsorship program:

  1. an education, an opportunity to learn English, and life skills training for their future

  2. proper hygiene, meals, and clothing.

  3. proper development for society through structure in our school and orphanage

  4. medical care

  5. Continued education; if the child chooses to attend college, A.C.T.S will continue to support their future by paying for their continued education

All caregivers who support our orphanage are paid by A.C.T.S and supported through our sponsorship program.

We will break the cycle of poverty through, education, training, development, nutrition and love.

Allowing Christ to Shine, Mylove, orphan


MyLove joined the A.C.T.S family in July 2016. We love watching her grow, learn, and use her silliness and attitude to make her friends laugh. 

Allowing Christ to Shine, Farah, orphan


In 2011, Farah was one of the first girls to join the A.C.T.S’ orphanage. At age 11, she started school for the first time. Her resilience and desire to grow and learn encourages her as she continues to learn English and French and gets closer to graduation at 8th grade. At the orphanage, she plays a key role in taking care of the younger girls, caring for the house, and serving missionaries when they come to visit.

Allowing Christ to Shine, Brenda, orphan


Brenda joined our A.C.T.S family shortly after we started the orphanage. She has grown tremendously as she's created friendships with our staff and with other students at our school and children who have stayed at our orphanage.  She loves listening to music and playing with her friends. 

Our Partnership with Reboisement Orphanage

Reboisement Orphanage, an orphanage and school, was founded by a husband and wife in Santos 19 who saw a need in their community and felt the Lord's call to action to serve and love their community with all they had. Through our partnership, we have built two 18x30ft buildings - one for a school house, the other to house 22 children and their caregivers. Our relationship with Reboisement Orphanage allows us to support the children and families in the area through food and clothing distributions and loving and playing with the children on our mission trips. We will continue to sponsor Reboisement Orphanage children as we believe they will be part of the change and future of Haiti.


Partnering with community leaders

We serve in one of the poorest countries in the world. When we partner with local leaders in our communities, we are able to better serve and create sustainable efforts that will ultimately end the cycle of poverty and helplessness in Haiti.