The Shining School

We are providing education for 400 children at The Shining School between our two locations in Bon Repos and in Lafiteau. In our Kindergarten through 6th grade schools, we have established a curriculum, including an English class, providing opportunities for each child's future and altering the path she/he may have taken without an education.

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Growing our Community

Our school in Lafiteau provides the community with education, healthy meals, and much needed medical care for the neglected and poor children who may not otherwise have opportunities for these resources. Our prayer is through A.C.T.S the cycle of poverty in the lives of children in this community will be reduced or eliminated.  

Through A.C.T.S, individuals are provided an income through teaching and administrative roles within the school and children are provided a free meal and school supplies to support their education and their lives outside of school. The school lunch program allows each child to receive a meal once a day. Without the program, the students may have received one meal for breakfast consisting of bread and a cup of sugar. We have learned without nourishment children receive through food, they cannot think and learn well at school. They become sleepy during class, instead of alert and attentive. Many families send their children to The Shining School because they know their child will receive a meal, which may be their only meal of the day.


Our schools and our students are supported through donations and monthly sponsorship.

We invite you to join our community through support of the education, meals, and opportunities we provide our friends in Haiti.