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I Have This Hope Tour | October 29th - Winona Lake, IN.  

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Your $25 ticket purchase provides an education for a child for one month.  $15 provides 200 meals to help feed the hungry.  Thank you for your help!                                                                                                            

We're very excited your here. Allowing Christ To Shine is an organization dedicated to help the children in Haiti. We believe providing shelter, education, food, teaching the word of God and showing God's love will transform their lives and transform their community. We also are passionate in assisting others in their call to serve God's Kingdom. When the Spirit of God compels "faith to action" after a mission trip or a desire is placed on one's heart to do something for the kingdom, we want to enable and empower that desire to become reality.




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"Trust that God will be faithful. He will give you strength and equip you with the provision to do His good works.  Don't get stuck in the details of the little things that life throws at you day to day. Trust is our gift back to God "Keep The Faith".

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