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We need you donations to help Haiti after Hurricane Matthews.  Please click here to make your beautiful offering. An act of sacrifice and surrender of whatever you have to offer.  It is a beautiful way to be used for the kingdom and is why we exist.  Let's surrender and offer what you can.  Thank you.


Purchase tickets to the Big Daddy Weave Beautiful Offerings tour and get  more information - Click Here

2016 School year is begining in Haiti.  We need your help.  Please consider a donation to help us help these children in Haiti.                                                                                                                   

We're very excited you're here. Allowing Christ To Shine is an organization dedicated to help the children in Haiti. We believe providing shelter, education, food, teaching the word of God and showing God's love will transform their lives and transform their community. We also are passionate in assisting others in their call to serve God's Kingdom. When the Spirit of God compels "faith to action" after a mission trip or a desire is placed on one's heart to do something for the kingdom, we want to enable and empower that desire to become reality.

Our ACTS school in Haiti has made a difference in lives.  God is faithful.  He is the Vine we are the branches.


"Trust that God will be faithful. He will give you strength and equip you with the provision to do His good works.  Don't get stuck in the details of the little things that life throws at you day to day. Trust is our gift back to God "Keep The Faith".

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